Wednesday, December 23, 2009

How to Install .Apk Apps on you Google Android Phones

1. Install and open the Apps Installer application from the "Android Market".

2. This opens a view showing *.apk application names in the sdcard root directory.(note, if no AppNames are listed you have no .apk files in the root directory of the SDCard)

3. Touch the app name to initiate installation of the app.

4. The app is now installed

How to Non-Market .Apk Application on your Google Android Phones

1. Download and install Google Android SDK. The tool you need is adb.exe.

2. Now type adb in a command shell will display all the options, adb.exe is SDK tool used to install applications and interface with the device.

3. Now Connect Your Android Phone to your computer using USB cable. You need to install Drivers for this. Download Android USB drivers from here. This driver is required for adb to interface with an android phone using USB cable.

4. Go to Android Settings/SD card & phone storage and disable Use for USB storage. You can enable it again later after you installed your third-party application.

5. Go to Settings/Application settings and enable Unknown sources.

6. Connect the G1 to your computer using the USB cable and install the driver you downloaded in step 3. After installing the driver you should see ADB Inteface in Windows Device Manager.

7. If you made it this far, download the APK file to a local folder on your computer, something like C:\MyAPKs will work fine and install it using ADB. The command would be adb install c:\myapks\ and that’s about it.

Anyway, the apk files refers to the Android Package files; and there are numbers of freeware you can try.

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